There are tens of thousands of potentially related websites out there that are willing to promote your Products, and Services by sending Targeted Website Traffic to your Website, and the best thing about this kind of advertising is that the only money that you pay them for this is to share a little of your profit with them when their Referrals Purchase from your Website.

We will build for you a Full Feature Online Affiliate Marketing Program that will allow for the management of all aspects of your own Affiliate Program – Manage it yourself or we can manage it for you. Our program gives the ability to offer your Affiliates Custom Designed Banners and Links that they will place on their Websites. When a potential customer clicks on one of your Banners or Links and goes to your Website, it will Identify the Affiliate, Record the Visit and anything that was purchased and applies the appropriate commission. The Affiliate can log into their own Affiliate Account and Track their Commissions. Everything is totally managed by a user-friendly online interface.

We then evaluate which websites are already getting traffic from those individuals that have the potential of also desiring your products and/or services. With this information, we scrape the Internet for contact information on those desired websites and offer them through direct, phone and/or email marketing the opportunity for them to make money by simply placing a link on their website.


Pay-per-lead advertising is becoming one of the most widely used online Internet marketing methods. By using Pay per Lead Advertising the advertiser pays a flat fee for each lead or new business prospect. No payment is made for visitors that click on their web site or that do not sign-up or register with an interest in the product or service.

A lead signs up or registration is generally a piece of basic contact information and perhaps additional information to qualify the prospect. A lead may consist of as little as an email address, or it may involve more detailed information collected that provides a phone number, contact information, detailed requirements, or special contact instructions.

Pay per lead connects your message with active prospects or Internet shoppers – not just a click-through or page impression. Our Pay per Lead campaigns captures contact information, name, email address, address, phone numbers, and detailed requirements you need to respond to the inquiry.

We send each new lead with Instant Notifications by email or to your cell phone for a callback. With Pay per Lead Advertising responding to the new sales lead quickly is important to your ultimate success in converting this into business.

Pay-per-Lead advertising is affordable. You can control how many new leads you want each month and how much you spend. By using Pay per Lead advertising, you will be able to afford marketing 52 weeks a year because you are paying for qualified results.

Even if you participate in our Search Engine Optimization programs for top organic placement our Pay per Lead programs are excellent ways to capture new sales leads and business prospects. Many of our Pay per Lead campaigns are designed and promoted as marketing cooperatives. Exclusive and shared Pay per Lead programs is available.

Pay-per-lead is recognized to be an imminent yet effectual online advertising payment model in which payment is based exclusively based on qualifying leads. Pay per lead advertising is becoming one of the most widely used online marketing methods. Pay per lead marketing is far more effective than other conventional marketing media.

We do it all at “No Cost to You”!
Yes, you heard it right. We build the website, we market the products, we process the orders and we will share the profits with you – all at our expense.

If you are interested in our “No Cost to You” Program, contact us for a Product Evaluation.


Highly targeted Email Marketing is an extensive and proven way to promote your business, products and/or services. We utilize only your business relative Opt-in Email lists using only white-hat Emailing Techniques – NO SPAM.

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