Vantage Media Marketing is a small company of personable Americans with lots of experience and lots of resources. We work smart, fast and are very dependable. We are known for our high level of rapport in person and over the phone.

We have over 25 years of real-world business development, marketing, advertising, sales, and management experience with a realistic grasp of marketing opportunities and constraints. We are very energetic team collaborators, are very organized, fun loving, easy to get along with and have little personal distractions. We are highly focused and serious about my work – BUT we don’t take life so seriously as to not take advantage of all the magic that life has to offer. We keep our body and mind fit through physical and mental exercise as well through proper nutrition, herbs, and vitamins.

We are VERY computer and internet literate with personal involvement in the evolution of computers (both PC and MAC) owning a computer software company in the early 80’s. We are proficient in the MS Office Suite (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint) while extensively utilizing contact and project management systems.

We have experience managing Internet Servers and in utilizing online databases, search engines, webmaster tools, shopping carts, secure servers, multi-media and interactive applications, flash, streaming video and video editing and various site tracking techniques for data mining as well as experience in developing strategic alliances, establish partnerships and content acquisition, including their negotiations and fulfillment.

We have over 35 years each in Advertising Agencies with real practical experience in business identity and image development, original illustration, print preparation, multi-media advertising, gorilla marketing, competitive analysis and qualitative/quantitative buyer and media profiling and targeting.

We build WordPress and HTML Websites, develop and manage targeted marketing campaigns, manage social media campaigns and posts, article marketing campaigns, copy writing, search engine marketing campaigns, print and digital advertising development, develop and implement overall brand recognition and image development. Most of this we have been doing for over 10 years. We have managed our own Dedicated, VPS and Cloud Servers over the past 13 years. We now have 56 (mostly customer) websites on our VPS Server that we built and are now managing. We also build and manage Websites on other Servers.

Over the last 20 years, we have been aggressively transitioning our expertise from traditional media to the Internet, with the past 13 years primarily focused on Website Development and Internet Marketing Opportunities. We can still do everything else for you.

After 8 years in our Internet Business, in October of 2009, we went virtual – the best thing we ever did. Our productivity increased and our prices dropped. We now utilize online resources to effectively work virtually together and with our customers for collaboration, training, and support. These days we are primarily building and supporting WordPress Websites which offers a very versatile platform for collaboration and sharing website responsibilities.

WordPress is, by far, the most popular open source Content Management System (CMS), used by approximately 75 million websites. We still have many years of the expertise necessary to design, build, edit and manage HTML Websites. We also build Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram Pages as well as Crowdfunding Pages.

— Art Director and Primary Website Designer Holly is a schooled, well trained and seasoned illustrator, design and layout artist with over 30 years of Advertising Agency and Media Company experience in both design and management. Knowledge includes WordPress, Bootstrap, HTML, XHTML, FLASH, Java Scripts, CSS, PHP, MySQL, Web 3.0, UI Design and has a high level of expertise in Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Illustrator, PowerPoint, Acrobat, Distiller, InDesign, Publisher, much more. She has been developing original digital graphic design work for over 20 years with 7 years as a Photoshop Trainer and Demonstrator. She was previously the Art Director for Ticketmaster/CitySearch for 8 years and has now built literally hundreds of websites so far in her career.

— Functionality Engineer and Marketing Manager Daryl is considered a Marketing/SEO/SEM Guru and Technical Geek with Masters Degrees in Business, Psychology & Journalism with additional training in public speaking, sales negotiation and business consulting with 20 years in his own Advertising Agency utilizing his extensive experience and expertise in buyer profiling, target marketing and designing Gorilla Marketing campaigns.

Daryl, among other things, is Editor and Chief of a very popular Online Magazine. Baby Boomer Magazine is over 15 years old and is without question the most popular Online Resources for Baby Boomers Online with literally thousands of Page Views every day.