What Is “Magazine Article Marketing”?

Magazine Article Marketing is basically the same as Article Marketing* but with the originating article being published on an Authority Rated High Priority Magazine Website. The main difference is how an Online Magazine (if properly designed, implemented and optimized) is perceived by Search Engines and how Search Engine Optimized articles published on an Authority Rated High Priority Online Magazine are prioritized by Search Engines.

Vantage Media Marketing will professionally write for you a Search Engine Optimized article with highly rated relative content on one or more of our Authority Rated High Priority Online Magazines that will readily get spidered for a First Page Listing on Google and other Search Engines within just a few days.

  • Over 70% of online researchers will look at and click on an organic listing (on the left) before clicking on an advertised listing.
  • Over 80% of online shoppers will read a professionally written article about a product before reading the contents of a website.
  • Over 90% of online buyers will trust a third party written article about a product before they will trust the contents of a products website.
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*Article Marketing involves the publishing of articles through various article publishing resources such as Internet Publishers, Blogs, RSS syndicators and Online Magazines. Over 95% of the time articles published on publishing resources (other than an online Magazine) will never reach a first page listing on the major Search Engines.