• Right now more people spend more time on the Internet than they do watching TV.
  • There is more money spent on Internet advertising than on Radio and will pass TV in just a few years.

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The Importance of Search Engine Marketing: Over 80% of serious buyers research a company, product or service on the Internet before making their purchases.

  • Over 50% of shoppers will not see you as a legitimate business if you do not have a searchable presence online.
  • Over 80% of U.S. adults who research online before making a purchase decision use search engines as a research tool.
  • Over 60% of those conducting online research go to Search Engines First.
  • Over 70% those wanting to purchase a product online will use Search Engines to find where to purchase it.
  • Over 60% of Search Engine users click on a search result within the first page of results and 90% within the first three pages of search results.


The Importance of Article Marketing through Search Engines:

  • Over 70% of online researchers will look at and click on an organic listing (on the left) before clicking on an advertised listing (on the right).
  • Over 80% will read a professionally written article about a product or service before reading the contents of a website.
  • Over 90% of online shoppers will trust a third party written article about a product or service before they will trust the contents of a products website.

In our Article Marketing Programs we produce Professionally Written Search Engine Optimized (SEO) Articles and/or Press Releases about your business, products and/or services that are initially published in one or more of our Authority Rated High Priority Online Magazines and then distributed across our network of more than 300+ Internet Publishers, Search Engines, RSS Syndicators and content partners.

Your published Articles are professionally written to utilize some very extensive research for Search Engine Optimized key-words and key-phrases with rich-text anchor links that point directly to your Website or to specially designed landing pages. These Optimized Articles are quickly and effectively spidered by Search Engines as highly desirable content, especially if presented by an Authority Website with a high Priority Rating like our magazines. Through these custom authored Articles we have the ability to give your website a First Page Listing Position exposure through your professionally written articles within 10 days GUARANTEED of you pay absolutely nothing.

You have absolutely nothing to lose – except for a #1 First Page Rank Listing on Google and other Search Engines!


Search Engine Advertising is also known as Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising. Google, Yahoo, MSN and other search engines use an auction-based system for bidding the most searched ‘keywords’ that people research on the Internet. Bids range from .10 cents per click to sometimes costing over a $1.00 per click depending on page position and competition in your industry. If you don’t know what you are doing, you could easily waste your time, money and have little to show.

Professionals – like Vantage Media Marketing, best handle Search Engine Advertising management. We will begin by defining your specific project goals to make sure you have a successful consumer offer that convert into sign-ups or registrations.

Then we install tracking tools to measure each click through, this helps test various offers for maximum Return-On-Investment (ROI). Our keyword research will include the best keywords – that result in successful conversions on search sites such as Google, Yahoo, MSN and Yellow Page sites like Superpages.com.

When a new business prospect clicks on your ad we begin to track precisely how the consumer explores your landing page or creative offer. You can see first-hand which products or services are attracting attention and traffic. Vantage Media Marketing then monitors conversions that have clicked on your ad. Did they contacted you by email, print your e-coupon or call you on the telephone.

We have put together everything in one-stop management. Our service is simple, affordably and comprehensive. Our service includes campaign setup, monthly management, conversion tracking, account reporting and monthly consultation services.


Pay-per-lead advertising is becoming one of the most widely used online Internet marketing methods. By using Pay per Lead Advertising the advertiser pays a flat fee for each lead or new business prospect. No payment is made for visitors that click on their web site or that do not sign-up or register with an interest in the product or service.

A lead sign up or registration is generally a basic contact information and perhaps additional information to qualify the prospect. A lead may consist of as little as an email address, or it may involve more detailed information collected that provides phone number, contact information, detailed requirements, or special contact instructions.

Pay per lead connects your message with active prospects or Internet shoppers – not just a click through or page impression. Our Pay per Lead campaigns captures contact information, name, email address, address, phone numbers, and detailed requirements you need to respond to the inquiry.

We send each new lead with Instant Notifications by email or to your cell phone for callback. With Pay per Lead Advertising responding to the new sales lead quickly is important to your ultimate success in converting this into business.

Pay-per-Lead advertising is affordable. You can control how many new leads you want each month and how much you spend. By using Pay per Lead advertising, you will be able to afford marketing 52 weeks a year because you are paying for qualified results.

Even if you participate in our Search Engine Optimization programs for top organic placement our Pay per Lead programs are an excellent ways to capture new sales leads and business prospects. Many of our Pay per Lead campaigns are designed and promoted as marketing cooperatives. Exclusive and shared Pay per Lead programs are available.

Pay-per-lead is recognized to be an imminent yet effectual online advertising payment model in which payment is based exclusively based on qualifying leads. Pay per lead advertising is becoming one of the most widely used online marketing methods. Pay per lead marketing is far more effective than other conventional marketing media.

We do it all at “No Cost to You”!
Yes, you heard it right. We build the website, we market the products, we process the orders and we will share the profits with you – all at our expense.

If you are interested in our “No Cost to You” Program, contact us for a Product Evaluation.


Highly targeted Email Marketing is an extensive and proven way to promote your business, products and/or services.

We utilize only your business relative Opt-in Email lists using only white-hat Emailing Techniques – NO SPAM.


There are tens of thousands of potential websites out there waiting to promote your products and services that are willing to send you targeted website traffic to you, and the only money that you pay them is a share of your profit when some of their referrals purchase from your website.

We will build for you a full feature Online Affiliate Marketing Program that will allow for the management of all aspects of your own Affiliate Program – Manage it yourself or we can manage it for you. Our program gives the ability to offer your Affiliates custom designed banners and links that they will place on their websites. When a potential customer clicks on one of your links and goes to your website, it will identify Affiliate where they came from. Everything is totally managed from a user-friendly online interface.

We then evaluate which websites are already getting traffic from those individuals that have the potential of also desiring your products and/or services. With this information we scrape the Internet for contact information on those desired websites and offer them through direct, phone and/or email marketing the opportunity for them to make money by simply placing a link on their website to your website.


Effective Search Engine Optimization begins with some very comprehensive research. We will generate for you a comprehensive 50+ Page SEO Analysis Report that gives a detailed analysis of your Websites Search Engine Readiness as well as to compare your Website to others that share the same ‘Key words and Phrases’.

This 50+ Page Search Engine Optimization Analysis Report is FREE and without any obligation. You may present this Report to your own Webmaster for evaluation and implementation or you can consider contracting us to perform your website SEO Makeover.

Our SEO Program not only involves the Search Engine Optimization of your physical Website but also utilizes some comprehensive research to analyze, evaluate and implement an intelligent strategy for increasing your websites Priority Rating (PR) and Search Engine Listing Position. A primary method of doing this is by utilizing quality relevant back links from high Priority Rated websites with similar content. For this reason our SEO Program is combined with our Article Marketing Program because of its ability to produce these quality backlinks.